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Traditional stay

Our independent cottage rooms are crafted in traditional village style but their thick mud walls hide an unexpectedly elegant interior. Thoughtfully designed to include every detail for comfort and asthetic delight ; no one escaspes uncharmed.  

Eco- friendly Rooms

Overlooking the green flora and fauna, our Raatsafari Lodge offers a stunning view of the village and even the garden for various birds. Adorned with rough-hewn mud carved walls, gleamy wooden furniture, striking wildlife & authentic portraits on the wall and luxurious amenities that ensure a cosy stay.


Dining and cuisine

Dinners around the campfire are a time for sharing tales from friends and family .Meals are created using home ground organic product from our own kitchen gardens and farm lands.


Nearby wildlife

Enjoy watching birds , jungle cat, bengal fox, golden jackals ,civets, and the owls, if you’re lucky, from your rooms.Along with this we do camera trapping also in our property.

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