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Night safari

After the sun sets, night safaris take over from typical game drives. They have become increasingly popular over the last few years. On top of the excitement of a safari experience, the advantage of night safaris is that tourists get a unique chance to see nocturnal animals when they’re at their most active. Instead of watching a big cat snooze in the sun, for example, you’ll be able to glimpse their hunting patterns and routines! You could also spot creatures that rarely appear during the day.

When evening falls in hot destinations, the setting sun takes away much of the overpowering heat of the day – another advantage of heading out into the bush or scrub lands at night. The anticipation will start to build as darkness comes when the calls of animals and birds increase to the backdrop of a vibrant, colorful sunset. Nothing beats sitting with a sundowner and waiting for your night safari adventure to begin! 

Our main wildlife attractions are striped hyena, desert cat, rusty spotted cat, jungle cat, civets ,etc with grassland birds, scavengers like vultures and raptors.Along with this we do evening safari, birding ,camera trapping also.

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