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Updated: Aug 15, 2023

Started by Raat Safari Lodge in Mirzapur,these raw forest have become increasingly popular over the last few years .After the sunsets, night safaris take over from typical game drive.Tourist get a unique chance to see a nocturnal species when they are at their most active .This is the most important advantage of Night safari in india where tourist will able to witness the hunting pattern of small cats like desert cat ,jungle cat ,rusty spotted cat ,and also fox .The life of the striped hyenas comes alive in the dark. You could also spot species that rarely appear during the day. Shivers sped down the spine as the striped hyena crept into our jeeps headlight in the night .

Mirzapur is home for number of diverse species including lesser cats and striped hyenas. When evening falls in hot destinations the setting sun takes away much of the overpowering heat of the day which is the another advantage of the night safari to see the predators ,prey and scavengers which are heading out in the scrubs at night .We offer unique night safari in India & make your experience unique and raw .As the darkness come when the howl of the jackal and call of owls increase to the backdrop of vibrant ,colourful sunset & nothing beats sitting with a sundowner and waiting for your night safari to begin!After an evening safari we headback to RaatSafari Lodge for dinner and head back to jungle for night safari. After an evening safari ,we head back to our lodge & In night safari you could be able to to see lesser cats and other small hunters preparing for their hunt and setting off into the farmland and grassland for a kill and also for their territory marking . Unfortunately only camps and lodges on private land or open forest outside the boundaries of national parks are able to offer night safari but RaatSafari offers rare and unique night safari and will be sure of excitement and adventure during this period . Our night safari offers one of the raw experiences for interacting on foot with striped hyenas on the den and same with bengal fox with pups byfoot. Mirzapur is the perfect place for sundowners with a view of a garden and a great location for a night safari ,the huge diversity of wildlife will sure you to spot some wonderful rare species and the knowledgeable guides and trackers will make your night safari successful.

Generally in night safari in India, taking photos can be challenging .We use high power search lights to make your safari better and for illuminating animals as we are also concerned for their safety and our warm light also not harm their eyes. Most important,our aim is eco-tourism to make awareness of wildlife to the local villagers and tribals for the protection of the forest which are outside the boundaries of these national parks.


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